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How to Improve NEET Mock Test Marks: Tried -and-Tested Strategies

NEET or the National Eligibility Entrance Test was earlier in the form of a Pre-Medical Entrance Test conducted for students who aimed to study medical sciences as undergraduates. The Mock tests for NEET and scoring good in them play a vital role in setting clear expectations of the difficulty level of the examination.

Thorough research about the examination is an efficient way to increase marks in NEET Mock tests. The NEET examination is conducted for students wanting to take MBBS and Dental courses in government or private colleges in India. It is conducted in offline mode for 3 hours. There are three sections that involve

  • Physics (45 Questions)
  • Chemistry (45 Questions)
  • Biology (45 Questions from Botany and 45 questions from Zoology)

Each correct response is worth 4 marks and 1 mark of negative marking. To crack the NEET examination it is mandatory to score a minimum of 50 percentile. NEET examination is held once a year, often in the month of May.

NEET Mock tests are a crucial part of the process to crack the examination. Preparing for the NEET Mock tests and scoring well in them is highly recommended and important.

It helps in the following ways:

Adapting to the exam atmosphere and getting familiar with the pressure and process: The mock tests allow students to get used to the pressure in a controlled environment with less stressful consequences. Neet Mock tests also help in building confidence and resilience for the examination day. Scoring good marks in NEET Mock tests also provides an optimistic approach to excel in the examination.

Familiarising with the exam pattern: The structure of the NEET examination is pretty much cleared with the Mock tests. From assessing the type of questions to the number of questions in each section is crystal clear with preparing and scoring well in NEET Mock tests.

Time Management: The aspirant is thorough with managing the time in NEET Mock tests. They are also able to assess their strengths and weaknesses and how long they will take to complete which particular portion of the NEET Mock tests.

Tips to increase marks in NEET Mock tests:

Building an understanding of NEET Mock test paper: To develop a deeper understanding of the actual examination it is important to be thorough with the examination pattern and structure. This will help the aspirant to eliminate any brain fog during the mock test. NEET examination covers a major part of grade 11 and grade 12th NCERT textbooks.

Having a proper study schedule is necessary to score good marks in NEET Mock tests: A systematic study schedule helps in assessing enough time for all the subjects and sub-topics that appear in the NEET Mock test. Having regular revisions also helps in being prepared and maintaining a balance between learning new concepts and revising the previous ones.

Consistency in hard work: Practicing regularly and being persistent with your efforts can help you excel in NEET Mock tests. Analyzing the mistakes and taking them forward in a positive manner can help in scoring good marks in the NEET Mock test. Staying calm throughout but being aggressive in studying can take you a long way forward.

Seeking Guidance and Support from Mentors: Asking for help from tutors can provide assistance in clearing your doubts and preventing you from any distractions. Mentors and guides can also help you in developing a SWOT Analysis (Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) for your progress and then build a futuristic study approach. The strengths that can be assessed through the examination are majorly how the aspirant can work on time management and exam patterns to increase their marks. Having one on one sessions with the NEET experts can help you assess your weaknesses and make you work on them to be more productive and to increase marks in the NEET mock tests.

According to NEET toppers scoring well in the examination is the final destination but the journey travels through scoring good marks in NEET Mock tests. Regular practice and consistency in efforts with the correct approach can get you there. Taking help from the right sources, attempting Lambdacube’s Mock test sessions, and building confidence in yourself will help you crack the NEET Examination.




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