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Crack JEE Advanced in 1 Month: Proven Strategies & Expert Guidance

Getting into an IIT is not a walk on the cake but is achievable through constant efforts and guidance in the right direction. However, JEE Advanced is considered one of the toughest competitive examinations in India. It has its approach through effective study plans and appropriate preparation methodology. Preparation for JEE Advanced can be a turning experience to cherish for a lifetime for each aspirant. Here’s how to quickly elevate your process and make it a phenomenal journey. 


Kickstart your preparation for JEE Advanced through a proper practical time-table

Preparation for JEE Advanced through a systematic study plan includes creating an effective timetable. The process of cracking JEE Advanced is crucially about having a proper study approach, where we recommend having an 8-hour study objective, in which a student studies 2 subjects in a day, instead of stretching 8 hours in a single subject to retain concentration and interest.

Pro tip: Starting your day early and maintaining consistency throughout can increase your preparation for the competitive exam.

The most effective approach is to study and solve one standard material/book end-to-end, and then for revision refer to a different material/book. In this way, the revision is more fruitful, both for concept clarity and time management. This will also expand your understanding and knowledge by the constant repetition method. The most recommended and effective books, after thoroughly completing your NCERT, for the study of JEE Advanced are:

  • Concepts of Physics by H.C Verma 
  • Cengage Mathematics series by G. Tewani, 
  • Physical chemistry by N. Awasthi 
  • Organic Chemistry by M.S. Chauhan

Learn about the nature of the examination for your preparation for JEE Advanced

Having an understanding of the examination is important to prevent last-minute mishaps. The exam consists of two papers, i.e., Paper 1 and Paper 2, and appearing for both is mandatory. Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics are the three subjects included in the JEE Advanced competitive examination. There are 18 questions for each of the subjects which sums up to a total of 54 questions. Your objective should be to build an understanding of the nature of the question paper and then assess your preparation for JEE Advanced through revision methods. The duration of both Paper 1 and Paper 2 is 3 hours.  It sums up to a total of 6 hours duration, with a 2:30-hour gap between both the papers. Focusing more on the topics that are bound to come can easily help through the preparation for JEE Advanced. The high-weightage topics are:

  • Mathematics – Calculus, Vector 3D, and Coordinate geometry. 
  • Physics – Heat Transfer, Modern Physics, and Rotational.
  • Chemistry – P- Block, Amines, and Mole Concept. 

Preparation of JEE Advanced through mock tests and previous years’ question papers

Preparing through the previous year’s question papers and solving mock tests gives you a real-time experience of the examination.
It sets you in the correct state of mind and builds a bank of profitable information in your brain.
It also gives you an understanding of the format and structure of the paper.
Setting timers of 3 hours duration for each paper while preparing fo
r JEE Advanced will help you with your speed of paper-solving and time management during the exam. It will prevent you from feeling anxious and paranoid at the time of the exam.

Taking proper care of yourself during the preparation for JEE Advanced is crucial

Hydration and proper diet are very important to keep you healthy while preparing for JEE Advanced or for that matter any competitive exam. You should have a balanced diet to ensure productivity and active learning throughout preparation. A healthy and optimistic approach are way to set yourself in the mindset to crack your competitive examination. 

To crack the JEE Advanced examination in one month it is important to have a custom-tailored curriculum. One-on-one sessions are beneficial for the aspirants as they need undivided attention in the last and the most crucial month of their preparation. Along with this, it is very important to have an optimistic approach and a go-getter attitude as we believe that success comes to those who strive for it.

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