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How to Prepare for IIT from Class 8th: A Comprehensive Guide

How early should we start preparing for the IIT?  What is the best time to start your IIT Preparation?  How many hours does one need to invest in their IIT preparation? Considering the competitive nature of the IIT entrance examination, we often ponder on such thoughts and queries. According to experts getting firm on your base or foundation is the correct approach to cracking the IIT journey. The initial or baby steps should begin from class 8th. This allows the aspirant to have good five years to become a top scorer in the IIT entrance. 

How will preparing for IIT from class 8th help? 

  • Building a base and firm foundation: Starting the preparation for IIT  from class 8 or an early age allows an individual to strengthen their core learning. This also helps the aspirant to build a strong interest in all the subjects (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics). Learning simpler concepts before we attempt complex concepts helps in following a systematic approach.
  • Builds a habit of regular practice and consistency: It is important to practice regularly as the repetition method of learning builds long-term memory retention in the brain. When learning and practice becomes a habit or a routine, it is certain that an individual will remember the information and will not forget it. Maintaining consistency will help in preparing for IIT from class 8th.

  • Realization of goals: The journey of becoming an engineer does not happens over night. When one understands their goals and is sure about them, it is essential to start practicing right from the start. To have clarity in your ambitions and to start working towards them at the right time increases your chances of success.
  • Experienced support right from the beginning: Getting the right support from the very beginning motivates the aspirant to believe in themselves. Lambdacube aims to provide an early support mechanism for your IIT preparation from class 8th. The foundation program of Lambdacube makes the preparation simple and effective by building customized plans for its students.






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The one-on-one live sessions help the students build confidence and trust in the process of customized lessons according to their individual needs. Lambdacube believes in self-study for better self-direction. It also develops critical thinking in the aspirant.

  • Avoids added stress during board examinations: The preparation for JEE is very similar to that of the school syllabus for higher classes. The major difference is in the style of paper and the nature of attempting it. The exam pattern for the JEE competitive examination is in the form of objectives, while for the board examination, it is subjective. So, starting the preparation early will eventually reduce the stress and burden students feel in their board examinations.


Why an early start is important for JEE preparation?

As the saying goes, ‘the early bird catches the worm’, it becomes important to start the preparation for IIT in class eight as the syllabus for Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics of JEE initiates in class 8th. The core or base begins in class eight and is expanded in class ninth. Basically, it takes you a step forward in terms of knowledge and learning. It is further elaborated in class 11th. For instance, learning about shapes in a foundation class and then knowing how to find their perimeter and area dimensions in the next class. Similarly, class tenth builds a foundation for class twelfth. Henceforth, it becomes really important to grasp the basic roots from the start to make the branching out an easier process. Experts lay out clear emphasis on the bridge that class 8th builds for cracking JEE examination and becoming an IITian. It is simply a ladder that connects one step to the next one and enables you to have an access to the final success point. Apart from this, it also gives you an edge over others, increasing your chances to successfully crack IIT. A customized study plan can deliver a clear picture of the importance of preparing for IIT from class eighth. Build an understanding for the core concepts and then work towards achieving them one day at a time.


Books that can be referred to while preparing for IIT from class 8th:

It is really important to have the right source of information while preparing for your competitive examination. Here are a few books that will prove to be your best friends right from the start while preparing for IIT from class eighth. The Cengage Foundation Series is the best guide to begin your journey with. A few more that are super beneficial are: 



S. Chand’s Foundation

      R.D Sharma Arihant Publications
Physics  Pearson IIT Foundation         H.C. Verma Nelkon and Parker
Chemistry  Pearson IIT Foundation         O.P. Tandon   M.S. Chauhan



Creating a proper schedule and sticking to it is helpful. When one grasps easy concepts at an early stage, problem-solving and analytical skills are developed. This also develops the interest of the aspirant in the core subjects of Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics from an appropriate age and time.

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