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Five Ways to enhance your learning experience and memory

Five Ways to enhance your learning experience and memory

Remember your best friend’s birth date or the name of your grade two class teacher? Memory plays a major role in bringing it back to you. ‘Memories bring back memories’, is not just the lyrics of the most iconic songs of our time but also the most appropriate lines in terms of brain functioning. When we discuss cognition, surprisingly there are psychologically and scientifically proven methods to enhance your grasping power and memory.  

Best memorization Techniques

Without further ado let’s simply dig in and make the most of the tricks to accelerate your learning experience. 


Mnemonics: It is a learning technique that helps us organize, retain and remember information, by making recall easy. They act as aids to transfer information from short-term to long-term memory. For instance, they can include songs, poems, rhymes, outlines, images, and acronyms. 


Method of Loci: This method uses visualization to organize and recall information. This method works on the assumption that it is easier for us to remember locations that are familiar to us. If we relate objects to them, it becomes easy for us to memorize them. 


Link method: This method is also known as the chain method. The concept is based on linking objects or building a chain and memorizing it accordingly. The process of constructing a chain can work when we follow the steps and connect the dots. 


Peg Method: This method deals with linking words with numbers. Through this method, we can create associations between items that are connected with numbers. The pegword method is a mnemonic technique that relies on you knowing a 10-item rhyme to associate 10 numbers with 10 “peg” objects. 


First Letter Method: The first letter technique enables us to recall words or poems by creating associations with the initial letter. This can be done by creating a word or a meaningful sentence from the first letters of the words to be learned. This is a widely used method in terms of learning chemistry elements, periodic tables, or even formulas in mathematics. 


The cognition of a person plays a vital role in deciding the accurate method for their personalized learning approach. Lambdacube caters to provide you with the method that fits your style the most. We certainly hope that these techniques will help you grasp concepts easily and at a more rapid pace with our personalized approach. 

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