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Unable to concentrate? This article is for you.

Focus & concentration are as important when it comes to learning as they are challenging. Has it ever occurred to you that while randomly scrolling through social media comes gusts of motivation to complete all your syllabus portions? But, when you sit to study, you fail to stay focussed.
Ralph Waldo Emerson may have described concentration as a ‘secret of strength’, but the question is how to drag this secret ingredient into our recipe. We have some simple tips to help you stay focused and give your best to your exam prep!


Working out for a mere 30min everyday can improve blood flow to the brain and promote cell growth, resulting in more productivity. Being composed before sitting to study can present enormous benefits and help you grasp more information at the same time. Start with a simple 10-15 minutes of beginners workout routine to notice the change.

Eliminate Distractions

It is a bad idea to check your phone every five minutes for new notifications. Just push away anything and everything that appear as a barrier when you sit to learn. Eliminating distractions can help you grasp information faster and better. Distractions buzz our memory power. Who would want that to happen? Not you.

Eat plenty, but good

Good eating habits are must in your learning journey. Your diet makes up your mood and enables your mind to function well. Swotting does not mean hogging onto a hunger train and hopping off when done. To fuel the mind, you got to fill the stomach first. Avoid junk food as they cause grasping blockages and slows your metabolism and pace.

Get Organized

Taking baby steps to get systematic can add huge differences. You may start by making a timetable or clearing the clutter on your study table as it assuredly helps in getting more productive. Your environment contributes a lot to make your study sessions last long. Create a calm, clean and dedicated space to study.

Take short breaks

Intervals can improve your consistency. Sitting for long periods can be exhausting and decrease your motivation level. A small walk or just getting up from your place of study to a refreshing environment can charge up your energy and bring in truckloads of inspiration to get back at it and enhance your productivity and focus.
Every individual is unique. Hence you can follow the steps mentioned above in your innovative style. Once you crack the code of concentration, there is no going back, and you can undoubtedly overcome all the bumps in your road. Change doesn’t happen overnight, but it will never happen if you do not start now!

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